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Airports are key to logistics between geographies and economies, not only for human transportation but for cargos and parcels. Key for this logistics complex challenge are the equipment’s and system’s used in intralogistics of an airport.

These equipments and system’s use the most advanced technologies in automation, industrial conveying and robotics to fulfil the complex needs and requirements of a never ending world in movement.

We’re able to create and develop solutions to fulfil the requirements of airports and offering the complete lifecycle of services, starting in the installation up to maintenance contracts.

Post & Parcel

Today more than yesterday we have the need to move postal and parcels to connect companies, governments, entities and the society in general.

This sector of industry is very particular, having special requirements and needs to fulfil the thousands of millions of postal and parcels that are processed every day.

We’re able to develop custom industrial equipment’s with automation and robotics that can help to achieve gains of productivity and flexibility for the new e-commerce growth.


Manufacturing industries are the ones that convert raw materials into a finished product, this production process uses several equipment’s, process’s, system’s and technologies to achieve the design and specifications defined by the end customer.

These industries can manufacture Electronics and Machinery, Paper and Printing, Metal and Wood, Building Materials, Ceramics, Automotive, Tyres, Medical Equipment, Robotics and many others.

We have solutions to the industries specified above, offering the complete portfolio of solutions and the complete lifecycle of services. We have the experience for more than 20 years of project management and execution in several environments and requirements.


Process Industries converts formulas and recipes in to a finished product and they’re commonly associated with Food and Beverage, Cosmetics and Fashion, Pharma, Chemical and Oil, Tobacco and Pet Food industries.

We have worldwide experience in this type of industries, with our complete portfolio of solutions and combining sister companies technologies within JPM Group, such like, Jointsteel and JPM Renewables with their process solutions and renewable energies solutions respectively.

The requirements of Process industries are very complex and demanding, from the complexity of the process itself to the materials that can be used. We ensure the reliability, productivity and efficiency of our customer processes and plants.


Warehouse industries are growing in today’s world, in fully connected economies and markets, logistics are key to success. From the growth of e-commerce, third party logistics, automated warehouses to fulfillment warehouses, intralogistics equipments and solutions are required to answer to these complex and more demanding network.

We can add value with our solutions and turn-key projects, combining several technologies, such like, industrial conveying, automation, robotics and software.

More over, we're able to integrate third-parties to a complete turn-key solution, combined with our Services capabilities and competences.