A JPM Industry foi distinguida com o Estatuto Inovadora COTEC 2021 



A JPM Industry foi distinguida com o Estatuto Inovadora COTEC 2021, um reconhecimento devido às competências de inovação aliadas aos elevados padrões de solidez financeira e desempenho económico.

Este reconhecimento resulta do investimento forte e constante em inovação feito ao longo dos últimos anos, sem nunca perder o foco no bom desempenho económico que queremos para a JPM. Ambos são importantes e determinantes para o sucesso e crescimento da nossa organização.

A atribuição do Estatuto Inovadora COTEC decorre da parceria entre a COTEC Portugal e as instituições do setor financeiro, as quais identificam a inovação como uma fonte de vantagem competitiva, especialmente num ambiente de mudança e incerteza como aquele que atravessamos, tendo um forte impacto no crescimento e na sustentabilidade do negócio.

É um orgulho sentir a confiança que depositam em nós com a atribuição deste prestigiante estatuto. Com esta distinção, a JPM reforça os benefícios junto dos seus parceiros especializados, por forma a garantir melhores condições de financiamento e a continuidade da atividade inovadora que tem vindo a desenvolver.







António Saraiva, Presidente da CIP (Confederação Empresarial de Portugal) em visita à JPM Industry


Foi com muito gosto que a JPM Industry recebeu a ilustre visita do Presidente da Confederação Empresarial de Portugal (CIP), a associação empresarial de maior impacto e influência em Portugal.

Sem dúvida um momento emblemático marcado pela troca de ideias e boas experiências, onde foi possível dar a conhecer a nossa unidade fabril e dinâmicas de trabalho.


Chão de fábrica – JPM Industry



António Saraiva, é, desde 2010, o Presidente da CIP- Confederação Empresarial de Portugal.

É Vice-Presidente da Business Europe, a Confederação de Empresas Europeias que representa as principais confederações de 35 países europeus. É Vice-Presidente do CES- Conselho Económico e Social.

É uma das pessoas mais influentes na sociedade portuguesa e, atualmente, um especialista em Corporate Diplomacy e Associativismo, ao qual dedicou mais de 40 anos ao longo da sua vida.




 Gratos pela visita, até breve!


A JPM Industry, foi distinguida com o prémio PME Excelência 2020.


O Estatuto PME Excelência 2020, é uma iniciativa do IAPMEI em parceria com o Turismo de Portugal, com os principais bancos e o sistema de Garantia Mútua, atribuído às empresas que anualmente apresentam os melhores desempenhos dentro do grupo das PME Líder.

Esta certificação evidencia o contributo económico-financeiro da JPM Industry para a criação de riqueza e empregos nacionais, bem como a sua importância no crescimento e desenvolvimento contínuo do sector intralogístico em Portugal.

Partilhamos esta importante distinção com todos os nossos colaboradores, clientes, parceiros e fornecedores.



PHC highlights JPM Industry as a successful case


Adaptability and innovative spirit

Nowadays, the reality of a factory is different from what it was a few years ago. For José Ribeiro, JPM Chief Information Officer, “a modern factory is very different from what it was 15 years ago, i would even say that they are very different since five years ago.” The development of technology has forced the company, over the years, to perceive the evolution of the machines themselves, to be increasingly demanding with resources. Unlike the factories of the past, where machines were manual and just needed to be turned on and off, nowadays the automation component is high, followed in detail by a vast engineering team that incorporates and integrates all the needs of the market: “In industry 4.0, automation and processes are interconnected, which makes our work challenging on the one hand and, on the other, gives us confidence, because we are managing to keep up with the market. We work with the PLC programming and other high-tech equipment, and that fact compels us to follow market trends.”

Process optimization and management control

JPM Industry implemented the Enterprise range in 2006, an application that makes it possible to analyze and streamline information. An option that brought evident added value: “The information from the different areas of the company is concentrated in one place, which greatly facilitates decision making.” In addition, as a flexible and customized solution, PHC CS allowed to adapt the software to the reality of the factory. In 2015, JPM Industry took another technological leap in its strategy and, after a careful market consultation, chose to implement the Manufactor module. Thus was completed the full computerization of the company, including workers’ benches. Here, the operations of the manufacturing works begin and end, in addition to being able to edit the times and quantities. Of the approximately 140 employees, the universe of people who have contact with the software is greater than 100: “It takes time for the processes to be optimized and people can adapt to them. It is essential to ensure the continuous update and maintenance of the entire application by PHC.” Five years after the implementation of Manufactor, the path traced requires time and dedication. For José Ribeiro, this software “allows the employee to have access to more information in less time. This means that is better prepared for the usual performance of tasks.” Flexible and integrated management, based on automated and optimized processes.

A success story

JPM Industry was established over 25 years ago and is distinguished for having a performance focused on the needs of its customers and on the innovation of the solutions it finds for its needs.

JPM focuses its activity on the development and implementation of industrial equipment, engineering solutions and industrial projects. It has a strong presence in the segments of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but currently it can be defined as a world player in the intralogistics market.

JPM Industry innovates in three dimensions: the value proposition, the solutions developed and their business processes. With a structured engineering department, internal production capacity using the latest technology and a structure of specialized technicians for installation and maintenance, we cover the entire value chain of the intralogistics segment.

Evolve the business model to ever higher levels of robustness, sustainable and well-defined values, it is one of its main objectives so that it is possible to guarantee the long-term continuity of the business project started in 1994.






At a time when we are all facing an enormous public health challenge, several companies and volunteers have joined forces in the fight against this virus.

JPM industry was not indifferent to this outbreak! We join to several companies and private entities in a solidarity action, in order to answer those that are the most urgent needs of CHEDV (Centro Hospitalar de Entre o Douro e Vouga). In this way, it was possible for us to offer a modern and efficient portable equipment for X-Ray examination, which will enhance the response of this health facility in combating the pandemic.

We believe that preventing and overcoming the Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) will only be possible in a collective way.



JPM Industry celebrates 25 years of existence – 1/4 Century – Since 1994


JPM Industry started its activity in April 1994. In order to guarantee the presence of all its employees in the celebration of this important milestone, JPM Industry took advantage of the 2019 Christmas dinner to celebrate its 25 years of existence.

The company has unique memories, moments of great resilience and great success over the years. Our history does not exist without our employees and we are very grateful to them, as well as to all our customers and partners.


Celebration of 25 years of JPM Industry


The Chairman of the Board of Directors, José Paulo Martins da Silva, spoke during the celebration of JPM Industry’s 25th anniversary, describing the company’s path, from its formation to the present day.

  “Over these 25 years, we have won awards, distinctions and recognitions, because we are a robust and demanding company with a well-defined strategy, we know where we are and where we want to go …”

“… I feel that there is enthusiasm, strength and energy. We are active and we want to do things, we want to do more, we are compulsive entrepreneurs! We innovate, and today we are present in more than 40 geographies …” – Stresses the President.

During the message, also highlights the effort and determination of the entire team.

“… We work long hours, try to arrive early and leave late, we have an incredible capacity for suffering. We have the capacity to win, to succeed and to share it. We try not to give up, it’s in our DNA. We refuse to say that we are not capable, that we have not found solutions. We’ve been doing it for 25 years! … “

In the final part of his speech, José Paullo Martins da Silva, thanks all those who have worked with JPM Indústria, demonstrating the importance of maintaining good relations with all the integral parts of this community.

“… I am also very grateful to our Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Banks. We must treat them all with very much respect, because they have believed in us in an extraordinary way and because we want them to continue to share experiences, which are very important for the sustainability of our company … ”



“All together we build a team that shows itself driven towards the future and the changes that accompany us… We have grown continuously and today we are our best version. May the future begin now and reserve even more success and motivation. “ – Speech by José Paulo Martins da Silva




As it was considered a success case in cybersecurity by the computer security company SOPHOS (Leader on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant), JPM Industry was invited to participate in a round table at the annual event that took place at the Casino of Lisbon on 24 October 2019.


José Ribeiro CIO JPM Industry – Debate over the current cybersecurity situation.


At the meeting, JPM Industry spoke about its security strategy and the factors that distinguish it, having also participated in the debate, with experts in the area, on current issues related to cybersecurity considered critical, nationally and internationally.




JPM Industry, according to its strategy and way of acting, supports educational initiatives. We believe in the stimulation and professional preparation of students, within the institution itself, as well as in the job market.

This time we were with the AEA Cereal Killers team at the European Competition “RoboCup Júnior 2019”, which took place in Hannover – Germany between the 20th and 23rd of June.


AEA Cereal Killers at the Robocup Júnior 2019 competition and at the JPM Industry facilities.


“RoboCup Jr” comprises a set of competitions in robotics, in order to motivate young people to science and technology through robotics competitions.

The AEA Cereal Killers team, composed by the students Artur Silva and Samuel Tavares (students from the Professional Course in Electronics and Telecommunications at the “Escola Secundária de Arouca”), obtained the best classification among all the Portuguese school teams present in the competition.

This year, Portugal competed with 13 teams in different categories, with the score of 1170 points obtained by the team AEA Cereal Killers allowed it to rank in 10th place in the competition.

In a robotics contest with teams from 30 European countries competing, the “Agrupamento de Escolas de Arouca” in its first participation across borders, was valued for its participation, as well as for the experience and knowledge acquired by the participating elements.

Facilities ExpansionMore

Facilities expansion

2017 takes on an important milestone in JPM Industry, with the expansion of the manufacturing area to 12 500 m2 in an investment of more than 1 million euros.

With this expansion the JPM Industry increasingly assumes its role as one of the major European players in the field of intralogistics. Increasing our capability to respond to market needs.

For Guilherme Cardoso, Commercial Director of JPM Industry:
“The expansion of the facility is a reflection of the growth of JPM Industry, predicting an increasingly promising future.”

2018 will be the beginning of another year into the future.

JPM Industry on YoutubeMore

Jpm on Youtube

Getting acquainted with the day-to-day life of JPM Industry is becoming easier.

Nowadays video plays a fundamental role in the digital presence of a company and as such JPM Industry takes on a vanguard role by having a YOUTUBE channel where you can know inside our daily life, our products, the our solutions and on top of all our DNA.

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